The Art of Healing Your Body with Dialogues

Do you talk to your cells? You should.  Your cells are aware of every thought you have, as much trivial as it may seem.  Conversing with your cells provides a wide range of benefits and helps heal your body.  As a matter of fact, having a conversation with your body heals you completely and enriches your life on multiple levels!

We will start by noting that there are countless individuals who have tried every kind of medication and are still not able to cure themselves completely.  There are also many people who are aware of the root cause of their problem, but unaware of the solution and the right approach.  But, it turns out that our body holds the answers.  We often neglect the idea of conversing with our cells, probably because we are simply unaware of its importance.  The body is actually more aware about its defects that any doctor or a medication will be. Our body is capable of curing itself, it is just that we are not giving it a chance.  We reach for external solutions so much that we forget about approaching the problem internally, meaning that we forget about developing a dialogue with our body.

Some problems are more internal than others.  Also, many external physical issues are only a reflection of the issues that we have internally. In other words, looking into ourselves and approaching the internal cause holds the key to solving all our issues.  Most of our external issues represent uncompleted work on the internal values and ethics. As much strange as it seems, most meditation and yoga practices rest on this idea.

You are probably wondering how to develop a dialog with your cells, aren’t you? How to make each and every cell of your body responsible? Well, there are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Make your body fully aware of your determination to balance things out. Any sickness indicates that your body is going through certain imbalance, so making your body collaborate with definitely make you feel better.
  • Be kind and compassionate with your body. Your cells are aware of your emotions and they respond depending on your interaction with them.
  • Give your body a rest and time to heal itself. We all tend to be impatient when we are feeling sick, which makes us reach for the easiest and quickest solution that is around us.  However, this is wrong as it doesn’t give the body the time to heal.

As for the benefits of the art of healing your body through a dialogue,  we can only say that the list is quite extended.  There are so many! You will become healthier, happier, more fulfilled, and calmer than ever before.