How To Declutter Your Home: 9 Questions To Ask Yourself When Tidying

Decluttering your home is a great way to make your environment clearer and more effective, maintaining high vibrational frequency which puts you in order with abundance.

Here are the 9 questions that will help you get the most of your decluttering practices.

1. “Have I used this item in the last 12 months?”

If you haven’t used an item for over a year, the chances are it is not important for you, unless it is an object that is used rarely.

This is especially important question to ask when it comes to clothes! Make space for clothes you feel the best in, instead of keeping ill-fitting things that only crowd out the space in your closet.

2. “Am I keeping this because I’m worried about wasting money?”

If you are keeping something you don’t like or rarely use, you have already wasted money on it. Holding on onto that item cannot change this fact!  In addition, keeping something as you are worried about wasting money doesn’t mean that you will start making more money in the future.

3. “Is this broken thing really going to be fixed?”

Don’t waste time telling yourself that the broken thing will eventually be fixed. Commit to fixing it right away or dispose of it at the very moment.  The same attitude has to be used in all aspects of life.  Any issue has to be addressed immediately.

4. “Do I have a plan to use this thing in the near future?”

If you don’t have a concrete plan on using the time in the near future, you better throw it away and say wave it goodbye. This applies to various things, whether it is hanging on to a cooking appliance or throwing away an old outfit on the floor.

5. “If I was seeing this item for the first time, would I buy it now?”

This will help you tune into discrepancies between an old and new viewpoint, emphasizing things that no longer fit with your look, career, or hobby.  Changing your perspective will help you realize that some items have been redundant for some time.

6. “Am I keeping this because it has sentimental value?”

While holding on to something that is connected with certain people or memories is important,   make sure you keep only the precious ones.  If not, you will end up with no room for anything else in the future.

7. “Does this sentimental item hold me back?”

When it comes to sentimental items, it is important to consider the sentimental that is attached to the item you decide to keep.  For instance, the old love letter in the drawer might be interfering with your current relationship, so it would be wise to get rid of it.

8. “Do I have other items that serve the same purpose?”

If you have various items that serve the same purpose, choose to keep the one that serves most effectively or it is the one you like the most.

9. “What can I do with these items?”

Last but not least, decide what to do with the unwanted things. For instance, the books you have decided to dispose of could serve as a great gift to a friend who is a devoted reader.  The clothes you no longer use could end up as a great donation.