Date Someone Who Feels Like Home

These days, we are shown images of how we should look like and how we can act cooler or seem more together.  We are constantly reminded that no matter what we do we will never be good enough.  For this reason, it is important to date a person who doesn’t question your appearance or personality. A person who doesn’t ask you to change.  A person who knows all the things about you and loves every single one of them.   Date a person who makes you feel worthy, confident, and aware that you as you are is enough.

We all have rough days, and this is completely normal.  We all have moments when we are weak and all we want to do is to crawl back into bed.  Date someone who is there for you on such days.  Date someone who shows up for you.  Date someone who comes with ice cream and lets you indulge in it.  Date someone who is just there for you anytime you need them.

Date someone who lets you be still. All things in life are moving at a certain pace and as we get older it seems like they move faster.  One day you are in college studying about law and it feels like in the next, you are actually a lawyer.  Life doesn’t slow down or stop when you wish it could. Date someone who lets you be still and catch up with yourself.  Date someone who lets you have your silent moments and understand when it is time for recharging. Date the one who sits next to you in silence and holds your hand.

Date someone who makes you feel like you’re not crazy. You have probably been labeled as crazy, haven’t you? However, the definition of crazy is not the same for everyone,  you could be labeled as crazy for something that is actually normal. Date someone who makes you feel like you are not crazy. Date someone who will let you act as you want to without judging you for it.

 Date someone you can trust.  Nowadays everything is so available, so if you are constantly looking for the next best thing, you are likely to find it easily. Date a person who you know is present at all times.  Date a person who makes trust seem like a normal and easily available thing.  Date a person who knows that there is no one better than you, so there is no need to worry whether or not they are looking for something better out there.

Date someone who feels like home.  Last but not least, date someone who feels like refuge after a tough day at work. Date someone who gives you the needed sense of security, love, and affection you desperately need when you walk through the door after a bad day. Simply put, date someone who feels like home!!!