A psychologist who has coached over one thousand couples reveals the most important factor in a relationship

Have you ever thought about the things that make a relationship healthy? Have you ever wondered what the most important factor in such a relationship is?

Some people would say trust or chemistry; others would say emotional connection and communication.  However, it is none of these things.  It is respect! While you might find this interesting, at the very least, it is true. If people chose respect to be the crucial factor for a healthy relationship, it is because it was missing in their previous relationship.

Unfortunately, this is also true.  Most relationships lack respect, which creates a large imprint.  There is yet another interesting fact: it is mostly women who pick respect as the most important factor in a romantic relationship.

According to an eminent psychologist named John Kin, respect is indeed the most important factor and without it a healthy relationship cannot thrive.

If you have been in a relationship in which respect was not present, you compromised. Consequently, because you compromised in your relationship, it affected your views and beliefs about yourself. Lack of respect also affected your experiences in the relationship and you basically forgot what you deserved. Still, you accepted this!

Most relationships these days lack respect and it has become sort of optional to respect your partner.  Just like respect, trust is also crucial for a healthy relationship. Without these two, no relationship can survive!

You need to understand that a safe space is more than necessary for a relationship to survive and grow. Without trust, no safe space can be built. And, you need respect in order to form trust in the relationship. As Kim explains, respect means giving space to your partner to have their own beliefs, views, opinions, and judgments.

How would you define respect in a relationship or marriage? Just like Kim noted, respect in a relationship means no one has authority over someone else and it means that you don’t need to agree with everything your partner loves or does. Simply put, it means giving space to the other to have their own life.  It means to understand and accept, not control or judge.  It means to be capable of working on your problems and not imposing your views on the partner.  With this being said, it`s no wonder that with a lack of respect any relationship simply won`t survive long.

It is likely that respect has been missing in your relationships, but you simply didn’t get felt affected by it.  Maybe it is time to ask yourself why this virtue has been missing in your life? Was it present in the beginning but it eventually drained, the feelings accumulated, and you compromised.  While this is something we all do, compromising ourselves is not a good thing to do.  And if you see that you partner doesn’t respect you, you are compromising yourself.