Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain Proving Our Consciousness Is Directly Linked to Light!

Recently, scientists discovered that the neurons in human brain had the ability to produce photons of light, known as “Biophotons”!

The photons appear within the visible spectrum and range from near-infrared to violet. More specifically, they are within the range between 200 and 1,300 nanometers.

Scientists suspect that the neurons in our brains are capable of communicating through light.  They believe that our brains possess optical communication channels, but the way they communicate is yet to be discovered.

Interestingly, they also claim that if optical communication is indeed happening, the Biophotons produced by the brain might be influenced by quantum entanglement. In other words, this means that there is a strong connection between the photons and our consciousness, a connection which is referred to as Spirit in various cultures.

In a few experiments the scientists found that rat brain pass only one biophoton per neuron a minute, while human brains pass more than a billion of tem per second!

So, could it be possible that the more light one produces, the more conscious they are?  If there is a strong link between biophotons, light, and consciousness, there is more light that we know of.

In fact, if we consider the texts dating way back, most ascended beings and saints were described as enlightened individuals with shining circles around their heads.  Perhaps this shining circle was a result of the higher consciousness they had, meaning the higher production of biophotons.

One of the most interesting implications is that our brains are capable of producing light and that the consciousness and spirit are not a part of our bodies.  This implication is often undermined by scientists.

Quantum entanglement notes that two entanglement photons react only if one of them is affected,  regardless of the delay of the other. Maybe there is a world which exists within light, and regardless of your location in Universe, photons can allow a communication between the two worlds. Perhaps our spirit and consciousness utilize the biophotons to communicate with our bodies. Hence, the more light we produce, the more we encompass the wholeness of our consciousness.

Needless to say, all of this is only a theory. However, asking questions and giving hypothesis could lead us closer to the truth and could helps us gain greater understanding of consciousness and its origin as well as the mysteries surrounding the light.

What is for sure though, is that biophotonics is one of the fastest growing and exciting fields in science these days.  So, in this kind of moving environment, thinking like this and shooting such metaphysical hypothesis could trigger a revolution!