The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Does These 13 Things

Here are some of the things that the person you should date with has to do. In other words, the best relationship of your life will be with a person who does these things:

1.     Date someone who pays attention to you

Date someone who does pay attention to you! Someone who looks straight in your eyes when talking instead of staring at the phone.  Someone who holds your hand, caresses your hair, and remembers every single detail that you care about.

2.     Date someone who compliments you

Date someone who tells you how sexy and nice-looking you are, whether you wear a nice dress or a hoodie. Someone who makes you feel like the most stunning girl in the room.

3.     Date someone who is vulnerable in front of you

Date someone who is not afraid of their feelings.  Someone who feels comfortable letting you know how vulnerable they are. Someone who is neither afraid nor ashamed to cry in front of you, as he trusts you.

4.     Date someone who puts in constant effort

Date someone who never stops putting effort in your relationship. Someone who helps with the chores, knows how to cook, helps out with anything you need, and plans a weekend getaway once in a while so that you don’t have to bother with it.

5.     Date someone who is proud to be seen with you

Date someone who is willing to introduce you to his parents, relatives and friends.  Someone who keeps your picture on their phone screen. Someone who holds your hand in public. Someone who is proud to be seen with you.

6.     Date someone who handles conflict with maturity

Date someone who treats you well and with respect, even when he is tempted to scream at you. Someone who is open to compromises and not interested in bottling things inside.

7.     Date someone who takes care of you

Date someone who is willing to serve you a warm soup when you are ill. Someone who cleans up your mess when you are drunk. Someone who takes care of you no matter what!

8.     Date someone who has fun when they are with you

Date someone who laughs at your joke, even when they are not funny at all. Someone who makes you smile even when you have the urge to break down in tears.   Someone who was fun with you and you have fun when they are with them.

9.     Date someone who encourages you to embrace who you really are inside

Date someone who encourages you to accept yourself as you really are. Someone who never tells you what to wear, to lose weight or get a new haircut done.  Someone who helps you embrace who you are and never pushes you to change.

10.  Date someone who commits to you

Date someone who commits to you: deletes their Tinder account, removes their exes from their contact list, talks about you all the time, and doesn’t let anyone assume he is single.

11.  Date someone who goes out of his way for you

Date someone who is willing to spend a lot of time searching for the best gift. Someone who drives miles to eat at your favorite restaurant. Someone who prioritizes your needs and reschedules his day if that means he will get to see you for an extra hour or two.

12.  Date someone who loves you

Date someone who loves and values you as strongly as you feel about them.

13.  Date someone who gets you excited about the future

Date someone who you want to marry and are eager to marry with.  Someone you want to have by your side forever.