The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who Loves Dogs

Date a girl who loves dogs.

The one who stops moving as a dog walked by and she wants to pet them.  The one who knows the breed even when it is a mix.

Date the girl who simply loves dogs.  The one who literally forces you to go to charity events and volunteer for the cause.  The one who is fully aware of the importance of giving back and dedicating your time to the greater good.

The one who gets upset over the fact that shelter dogs are starving and get killed.

The one who gets upset over the fact that Puppy Mills exist.

The one who wants to take every stray dog home and take care of it.

The one who forces you to go to pet stores or shelters on the weekend only to see them.

Date the one who loves dogs and cares enough to genuinely want to save all of them.

The one whose profile on social media is filled with puppy videos. The one who knows that puppies bring joy to everyone.  And girls who do love them are happy and joyful.

The girl who loves dog is an honest and loyal girl you will fall in love with.   She is more caring and compassionate than others.  She has a deeper level of empathy.

This means that she shows empathy at a level that most people cannot. When you are going through tough times, she will be your rock. Although it is not her going through it, you simply won`t feel alone.  Everything you feel, she will too.

Date the one who loves dog as she knows that money and success aren’t the most important aspects of life, but connections, relationships, and true love.  She doesn’t wish for expensive gifts or being showered with things, but for attention and your time.  She prefers spending time with you than getting a gift.

Date the girl who loves dogs as you can trust her. You will find yourself feeling bad and repressed, but she will never judge you. She will cry when you cry. She will laugh when you do.  She will be there to help with anything.

She will follow her intuition and if she notices that something might have gone bad, she will address it.  She will not hide her feelings as she is simply not capable of doing such thing even if she wanted to.

Date the girl who loves dogs as she is more fun than most girls and tends to find happiness and joy in the simplest things in life.

You will watch yourself fall in love with everything she says or does.  And most importantly, even if you weren’t a dog person before, you have learned to be one with her.