10 Behaviors Every Over-Thinker Has (But Never Talks About)

Overthinking can be draining! Any chronic over-think will confirm that this habit robs you of your peace of mind.  It is a mental exhaustion, affecting not only the over-thinker, but their relationship with others as well.

The list below describes the life of an over-thinker better and helps us realize how they interact with the people in their surroundings:

1.     Over-thinkers apologize too much

While being apologetic is a good thing, being overly apologetic isn’t.  Over-thinkers, for instance, tend to apologize too much, even when there is no need for it.  While it is often done to show how humble they are, it does have the opposite effect and shows them as a person with too many faults.

2.     Over-thinkers appear more insecure than they actually are

Over-thinkers need a lot of time to decide, which makes them look insecure.  They think too much. They analyze every single detail.  They stay up late to think about every situation to get through the problem.

3.     Critical thinking abilities are off the chart

Over-thinkers have an enhanced ability to think through things critically. This is a positive thing, as it allows them to have all bases covered of any plan, goal, outcome or product.  They consider any single detail and nothing can surprise them!

4.     Messed up sleep patterns

Restful sleep is something that over-thinkers rarely experience.  This is not surprising though, given their over- analyzing during the day. This makes it difficult for them to fall asleep as well as to sleep peacefully due to their dreams about the very same issues.

5.     Too focused on making others happy

Overthinkers care too much about others and the things that make them happy, so it is no wonder that their own happiness takes a backseat.

6.     The funniest people ( when they are not overthinking)

When over-thinkers are intoxicated, they show their lighter side.  They are funny, witty, and exceptional! However, they do make poor decisions under the influence.

7.     Having a headache? It is brain cancer!

Any minor inconvenience is seen as a serious issue by an over-thinker.  Their friends and family members consider them hypochondriacs, and for a good reason.

8.     Trusting someone is hard

Trusting someone but themselves is very difficult for an over-thinker.  They would rather be there at three places at the same time and doing the things that have to be done than entrusting them to other people.

9.     They are great conversationalists

Given that they spend a lot of time in analyzing things, people, and situations, over-thinkers go through a lot of information. A great deal of it remains in their memory, which makes them interesting people to hang out.  They are typically well read, go to cinema often, enjoy good music, and are familiar with current events.

10.  Always looking for reassurance

Over-thinkers are filled with self-doubt, so they are constantly looking for reassurance, especially when it comes to their appearance.  This is one of the reasons why they never go shopping solo!