The Most Beautiful Test In The World Will Determine What Color Your Energy Is

It is difficult to think of ourselves as flesh and blood only, as the idea of soul or spirit simply cannot be neglected.  Interestingly enough, many people refer to this concept as aura, or energy.

Aura or energy is the product of everything that surrounds your body, including any other living being.  Many spiritualists consider person`s energy as an essential part of their personality and individuality.

Although no two people are the same in terms of their aura and energy, there is a certain level to which they are similar.  In other words, we are like snowflakes. Although our energies may resemble in terms of their color, it is the shade that matters.

Colors are extremely important, as without them everything would be lackluster and dull.  Not only will the outlook be much more desolate, but our ability to obtain information will be significantly decreased, as we can tell a lot about something based on its color.  For instance, let`s take a look at the humble banana.  Green- colored banana is not ripe yet, yellow-colored one is, and brown/ black banana is overripe.

Interestingly, our energies have colors, too! While most people are not able to see the colors of the energy surrounding them, we still got a feel for it.  Based on this gut reaction and the feel, we can tell a lot about a certain person. In fact, the color of our energy/ aura is so important that it even ends up affecting people`s opinions and viewpoints.

As mentioned above, our dreams, thoughts, and feelings have color which vary from light to dark shades. When reading a certain aura, you must consider the shade of the color in order to get precise results.

Regardless of your opinion on the topic, you have to admit that there is something deeper when it comes to connection with others, whether it is their aura, energy, or something else.

If you find this interesting and want to know what color is your energy, read on! This simple test will determine your energy`s color and describe the traits of those with a similar colored energy as you.