How To Be Alone (And Not Be Lonely)

We have all been in a relationship which was based on the fear of being alone.  Such relationships don’t last nor feel magical. More importantly, anyone who has been in a relationship of this kind can confirm that they felt lonelier than ever!

It is very important to learn to love being alone with ourselves, but avoid being lonely. We are our own soul mates and the only creators of our own happiness.

This process takes time, just like anything else.  Nothing happens overnight so you need to be patient with your progress.

Spend your mornings waking up to the sun and leaving the bad unmade. Take time to have a breakfast and think on your own.  Try to wake up earlier, prepare a delicious coffee, and listen to the sound of coffee as you pour it in your mug.  Carrying this liquid gold to your lips can be extremely comforting! Feel its warmth seep in your veins, take small sips and let the tongue dance with your coffee.

Feel the emptiness around you, but try to enjoy the calm and silence at the same time.  Listen to your heart beat which beats for your life! Take your time going to work and breathe in the air… Smile because you are alone and you are feeling good though! Smile because you have so much to be hopeful about, despite the fact that you miss him or her. Be happy because you are living through your loneliness.

Take yourself to lunch, order that favorite meal, enjoy a glass of wine, and take the time to cherish the flavor and the coolness of this beverage.  Feel pleasant and cozy with the idea that you can be alone and enjoy the time spent with yourself.

Become in love with yourself and you will eventually realize that you don’t need anyone to feel happy or fulfilled. All you needed along the way is to love yourself and thus get rid of the sense of hurt and emptiness.

Here is a list of 25 ways to be alone, but not lonely:

1. Enjoy a hot towel scrub

2. Create an artwork

3. De-clutter your room

4. Imagine the kind of relationship you want to attract

5. Make a list of the relationships that don’t serve you anymore

6. Take a yoga glass

7. Meditate

8. Dance alone

9. Take a dance class

10. Go out dancing

11. Make a list of the things you are grateful for

12. Make a list of the qualities your partner must have

13. Write a love letter to yourself

14. Spring around the block

15. Go for a walk

16. Have a spa day

17. Play a musical instrument

18. Prepare your favorite meal

19. Go out to a restaurant which serves delicious food

20. Clean out your closet

21. Read a good book

22. Put on your favorite song

23. Go out to see a good movie

24. Take a bubble bath

25. Write down the things you like about yourself