7 Things You See In Dreams and Their Meanings

Dreams are a continuing part of our lives for most us. Some of them we remember, some we don’t. Some of us consider them important and meaningful, others consider them to be nothing but a collection of the day`s events.

There are various theories on dreams and their interpretations.  The thing they have in common is the idea that all dreams have a purpose and they occur for a reason.

A study done in ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan looked at brain scans while pinpointing the visual symbols of dreams. They discovered that we watch our dreams the same way we see our waking world.

Here are the 7 symptoms that are most often seen in dreams along with their meanings:

1. Fire

Fire is a very powerful symbol, representing risky activities and desire.  The chances are you are in an insecure place or insecure point of your life.  Also, it might indicate that you are kept back or angry and you need to make certain changes in your life.

2. Money

Seeing money in your dreams represents your self-worth and luck.  Those who dream about money have typically woken up with a feeling of gratefulness.

Financial stability undoubtedly makes us feel calm and safe. Money could represent a change of a lifestyle.

3. Pregnancy

Dreaming about pregnancy typically represents development and growth. It means that you are contemplating the future and you have already come up with a good plan for it.  It often means that you are about to make something nice, such as a new job, a new partner, or a new relationship. It doesn’t necessarily has to be related to giving birth,

4. Waterfalls

Water generally means purity and cleansing. Seeing a waterfall in your dream means getting rid of old problems and troubles as well as opening the door to new opportunities.  There is a slight difference, depending on whether the waterfall is short or long and whether it is located on a beach or in a dark forest.

5. Flying

Flying represents ambition and pursuing your dreams.  It gives you a feeling of self-confidence and freedom, making you think that anything is possible.  It boosts your motivation and power to achieve your life goals.

6. Teeth

Seeing teeth in a dream has many different meanings. For instance, some teeth mean aging, rotten teeth symbolize worry and fear, pulling a tooth means that something has to come out.  In addition, dreaming about teeth may suggest that you are stressed and need to make a change in life.

7. Death

Dreaming about death is almost as common as dreaming about teeth.  Most people aren’t willing to admit it, but seeing death doesn’t mean that a person is virtually dying. It symbolizes an ending in your life, whether it is a job, a relationship, an emotion, or a state of mind.