The 5-Hour Rule That Turns Ordinary People into Successful Ones

Most people are fed up with working so hard and never seeing any significant improvement in their lives.  This makes them feel trapped in a cycle of disappointment and struggle. Humans don’t want to break their back to survive, but they want to do these things in the short-term and reap their benefits in the long-term.

The good news is that something called “the 5-hour rule” has been allowing people to experience the long wanted happiness and success. As a matter of fact, even Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey use his method to optimize their success.

The 5-Hour Rule

Spending 5 hours each week on deliberate learning.

In other words, spend one hour of every day to deliberate learning, giving 100 percent of the focus to development.  Doing this will help you learn and develop in other aspects of your life.


Keep a book nearby or keep an e-book open on your phone. Specifically, it is recommended to set reading goals every week- how many books to read, how many chapters to read, or how many pages to read.  Try as hard as possible to adhere to these goals. Bill Gates himself reads more than 50 books annually.


If you have only read the book without reflecting on what you read, you will be unable to use the knowledge.  Keeping a journal is a good idea, as listing what you have read or what you found important about your work helps you see who ideas and viewpoints change over time.


Make time to test out ideas and theories, no matter how trivial or stupid they seem.  Many of the ideas failed to materialize after many years of testing, but they eventually turned into a million dollar business.  Never stop trying and innovating.

Working isn’t learning.

Work problems are likely you use all of your brain and take its toll on your energy and sanity. However, everything that you learn while working is not enough to satisfy humans` need for deliberate learning.  You need to set learning goals, take the time to complete them, and devote all of your energy and effort that is needed to eventually achieve them.

Improving instead of producing.

Increased production doesn’t equal increased success! The only key to meaningful success is the combination of production and ongoing learning.  The reason for this is the fact that lifelong learning reveals solutions for development, self-improvement, and success.  People are often better making less money in the short-term if this enables them to achieve more in the future.