5 Benefits Of Positive Thinking

It seems like people are simply unaware of the impact that positive thinking has on our health. Keeping the mind in good shape creates an optimistic life view and affects the overall health in a profound way. On the other hand, negative thinking has the opposite effect on your health, causing uneasiness and increasing illness.

Here are the top 5 benefits of positive thinking:

1. Fights depression

It has been scientifically shown that pessimistic thinking is one of the major causes of depression. As psychologists explain, anyone who switches to a positive mental mood can start fighting off depression.  The easiest way to improve your thinking is changing the thought patterns for a couple of days.  Within a few days your mood will greatly improve, depending on the situation. As a matter of fact, experts claim that this is one of the first steps towards treating depression.

2. You will cope disease easier

Having a positive view of life helps recover faster from a surgery or disease.  Staying positive and remaining optimistic as much as possible helps cope better with serious diseases. Therefore, those suffering from diseases like heart disease, AIDS, or cancer should improve their thinking by changing into a mental mood right away!

3. It boosts immunity

It is believed that positive thinking helps in fighting off various ailments like common colds. If you thing negatively all the time, the chances are it will cause parts of your brain to weaken your immune response to flu. It has been scientifically shown that negativity cause more intense electrical activity in the brain, weakening the immune response.

4. Coping with stress and hardship

Let`s face it! Life without problems and challenges is impossible, so you will face difficulties as long as you live.  The good news is that positive thinking helps cope better during such situations and in that way, you significantly reduce your stress levels.  Each time your mind tries to tell you that you are unable to achieve a certain goal, tell yourself that you`re gonna make it!

5. You’ll live longer

It has been scientifically shown that postmenopausal women who remain optimistic most of the time have decreased rates of death. People who think positively have lower risk of suffering from diabetes or hypertension compared to people who are always pessimistic.  As already discussed above, it has been also proven that you can improve your thinking by changing into positive mental mood. On the other hand, pessimistic individuals are more likely to die from cancer and heart disease.

According to a research paper published online in September 2013 in a journal of the American Heart Association which looked at 607 patients, patients with positive moods were 58% more likely to live at least 5 years longer.  As concluded by this study, positive outlook means living longer and stronger!

How to Get on the Positive Track

While there isn’t a prescription for positivity, there are a few things that help inject humor and positivity into your life.  Here are some of them:

  • Read something that makes you laugh
  • Hang out with positive people
  • Go to the park nearby and play with your dog/ kid
  • Volunteer
  • Practice gratitude
  • Write things you are grateful for