3 Signs You Are Not Depressed – You Are Only Surrounded By Assholes

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” – William Gibson

Just think about it, how many times you have allowed others` behavior to affect you and your feelings, so you begin to think that there might be truth in what they are saying or doing.  How many times you have let your partner make you feel like a shit?

The chances are you are surrounded by assholes.  There are people out there who are idiots and exist to bring others own.   If you have people around you who show these signs, the problem is not your depression, but them:

1. Assholes Are Happy With Their Stupidity

In this context, ‘ stupid’ doesn’t refer to unintelligent.  No one can be smart all the time after all!  If a person doesn’t know something about certain band, for instance, except that they are pleasant to listen to, they will not go around and teach others about it, will they?

On the flip side, assholes do this all the time.  They are happy to show off with their stupidity and teach others about something that they are actually not familiar with.

2. Assholes Are Selfish Bullies

Having self-respect is a good thing, as it means taking care of yourself and your own emotions.  But, assholes are selfish.  They neglect others` opinions as they care only about their own viewpoints and values.  They often ridicule other people`s ideas in order to make themselves feel significant.

3. Assholes Are Obnoxious And Loud

Most assholes aren’t capable of holding a proper conversation. They dominate the conversation,  shout, an invade another`s personal space as if the world revolves around them only.  They are often unaware of doing this, but sometimes they do this on purpose in order to frighten others.

 Why do assholes make us feel depressed?

Simply because most of us are nice and taught to respect others and their opinion.  To value others and never intimidate or belittle them.  Nice people are empathetic too, so they tend to take others and their feelings in consideration at all times. They are calm and quiet.  Assholes take advantage of these characteristics and make us feel guilty for being nice. This leads to low self-esteem and feelings of sadness and depression.

How can you help and heal yourself?

Be honest with yourself and try to see people as they are and not the picture you have of them.  This is the first step towards regaining your self-esteem.

The second step is taking action.  Even if the asshole is your friend or family member,  you need to take action and limit their presence in your life.

Ultimately, take care of yourself by doing things that make you happy.  Love yourself and don’t allow assholes to ruin your self-esteem.