29 Little Things That Undeniably Tell You Who You Are More Than Anything Else

We tend to dig up psychological research and expert opinion to learn more about personality traits. People differ from one another, which makes understanding an individual quite difficult.

Little do we know that there are little things a person does that reveal huge things about them. This article focuses on the 29 tiny things that reveal a lot about who you truly are. How you apologize? How do you fall asleep? How you relax? Turns out that things like these tell more about you than anything else!

1.     How you react when a person gets a chance/ opportunity that you wanted for yourself.

2.     The things you do for other people, even when you will certainly not get a credit for.

3.     How you talk about the people you are jealous of.

4.     What you think internally about the people you are jealous of.

5.     The things or the activity you do that makes you more fulfilled. That makes you feel like yourself.

6.     Your opinion about eye contact.

7.     The 5 people you spend the most time with.

8.     How frequently you say “thank you” and other kind things.

9.     What you do during the last twentyish minutes before going to bed.

10.  The way you fall asleep.

11.  The things or people you think about when you are falling asleep.

12.  What you read and what you use to read it (the medium).

13.  The way you apologize.

14.  The way you react when a person is apologizing to you.

15.  What you are thinking about when you are walking for longer than a few minutes.

16.  The times you show up versus the times you cancel.  It makes sense, doesn’t it?

17.  How you act around people who are in position of higher authority in your company or your industry.

18.  How you act around people who are in positions below yours at your workplace.

19.  If you tell anyone after another person asks you to promise you will not tell anyone.

20.  How you deal with discomfort.

21.  How you relax.

22.  If you make yourself have a pang of conscience after relaxing.

23.  The way you talk to people when you are feeling grumpy.

24.  What makes you quit something? Things getting hard? Is it making you unhappy? Things get exhausting or frustrating? It affects your health? Which factor eventually decides when you quit something?

25.  What you are like when you are hungry.

26.  What you plan on doing and what you actually do.

27.  Who you call when you are feeling sad.

28.  How often you call a person when you know that they are sad.

29.  The 10 most important people in your life and the most important things that they have said to you.