26 Ways To Take Your Life Back When You’re Broken

“Time doesn’t change us. It’s what we do with that time that changes us,” Dr. Phil argues.

If you are interested in learning how to change yourself, read on! Here are 26 ways to get your life back when you are down, and change for the better.

1. Get Fit

The mental and physical well-being are inseparable, so it`s no wonder that as the body physically strengthens, so does your mental state.  “Fitness isn’t about a crunch or a push up. It’s about taking your power back,” Jillian Michaels says.

2. Travel

Visiting a new place and experiencing a new environment, whether it is for a day or a month, will positively affect you in multiple ways and bring the positive change you need.

3. Think about the present most, the future next, and the past the least

While learning from your past experiences is very important, this doesn’t mean that you should dwell on the past.  You need to focus on the things that affect the present and future happiness, instead of reviving the past.

4. Meet new people

Meeting new people brings new perspectives to light, which can be then applied to your life in order to realize the necessary, positive changes.

5. Be open and honest

Being open and truly genuine is extremely beneficial and brings more advantages than you have ever imagined.

6. Be cognizant of long-term health

Make sure you stay home from work when you feel ill, whether the issues are physical or emotional.

7. Be yourself in appearance

Style your hair the way that fits you the most and wear clothes that represent you the best.

8. Walk away from negativity

Stay away from the things that give off negative vibes, whether it is a bad job or a bad relationship.

9. Allow yourself to release

Let go of the things that negatively affect your personality, such as the regret, pain, and irritation from the past.

10. Reach out to new peers who have lived through similar experiences

Particularly the ones who have gone through similar experiences.

11. Take a week off (no travelling necessary)

Take some time to relax! Don’t answer calls, texts, or emails… During the days off, just do you.

12. Throw some things out

De-clutter your space and get rid of the things you no longer need.

13. Strengthen your good relationships

Work on your relationships and look for ways to change them to the better and get the most of them.

14. Eat really healthy for a month

Follow a healthy diet for a month, which is based on proper amounts of fruits, veggies, meats, and grains.

15. Enroll in a course or workshop.

Enrolling in a course or a workshop will benefit you in the long run even more than you can imagine.

16. Make and keep a budget

While this might seem difficult in the beginning, it is definitely a hell of an experience.

17. Seek validation

Seek validation from your loved ones and converse with them in order to see how much they think you are succeeding.

18. Base success on change, not outcome

Accept, understand, and embrace this as making the needed changes is the key to positive outcomes.

19. Be forgiving

This will help you move on and spend more time and energy in positive way.

20. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments

Value yourself and respect your accomplishment, no matter how big they are.

21. Do something that terrifies you

Stepping out of your comfort zones will help you become stronger and more productive.

22. Eliminate a bad habit for at least three months

Whether it is drinking, smoking, or gambling, giving it up will benefit your health in multiple ways.

23. Be happier than you think or feel that you should be

Don’t enjoy life less than you deserve due to modesty.

24. Make and keep boundaries

Maintain your territory, defend your integrity, and don’t let yourself to be taken advantage of.

25. Learn a second language (or third, or fourth, etc.)

Never stop learning! Learning a foreign language will allow you to think about your life in quote a beneficial way.

26. Start a new, positive habit

Start a positive habit in order to bring positive changes in others aspects of your life.