25 Ways to Make a Difference in the World Every Day

Most people think that they lack the ability to make a meaningful difference in the world.  Specifically, they believe that they don’t have what it takes to make the world a better place.  They assume that only people like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and the likes are capable of doing such a thing.

However, anyone is capable of making a difference in their own way. Their own unique way.  The most important thing is to do things with the intention of doing good, which is the first step towards serving the greater good of humanity and the world.

The truth is that everyone has what it takes to make a difference.  While it seems like a very difficult task, all it takes is a small contribution with a lot of heart.  The size of the contribution is irrelevant.

Also, there is no way best time to start making a change. You don’t have to wait until you make more money, for instance. Sharing what you have is enough.  Little efforts do count! In fact, love and happiness are the two greatest things you can give to the world. Living in a busy world, we often forget that there are people who lack love and attention.

“To receive, you must first give,” the saying goes…The more you give, the more you’ll receive.

Empowering someone is yet another way to help someone. All you have to do is to be generous in giving encouragement and praise. Indeed, it is possible to change the world by giving a hand to one person at a time.

In addition to doing things to make a difference, it is also important to seek to influence other people to start doing the same. Needless to say, leading by example is the best way to convince people to do start doing things that make a difference. So, start doing whatever is within your ability today!

“It takes a better man to acknowledge goodness in others than it does to merely be good oneself. Anyone can criticize or accept praise, but initiating a positive exchange is a hallmark of a difference maker,” ex-Microsoft employee Scott Berkun says.

Here are 25 quotes that will help you make as much of a difference as you can each minute of every day:

1.     “Hakuna mattata, one love, pay it forward.”

by Kerin Colby

2.     Learn to be aware of all the wonder we have around us, let the past be in the past and not part of the future. Choose life every day, be grateful for whatever you have, and most important share, share, share—spread as much love as you can.”

by Lula Insfran

3.     “Speak without saying a word. A lot can be said without words.”

by Ralph Rocha

4.     “Find someone that needs a smile and give them that smile once a day for the rest of your life, and like a ripple in a pond, it will be carried onwards.”

by SoulLife Searcher

5.     I quote the great Horatio Lee Jenkins: “Don’t worry—everything is going to be awesome!”

by Carl Dangers

6.     “Love.”

by Stephen Kreins

7.     “Be a true you . . . positive energy attracts.”

by Jane George

8.     “Look into your child’s eyes stop what you are doing, sit down, and just look into them. Do that every day and you will change the world.”

by Noel Cocca

9.     “Teach your kids by example be caring, open minded, have good manners and remember to smile.”

by Paivi McKittrick

10.  “Listen. Give. Do.”

by Phyllis Fenander

11.  “Start really listening to the people around you “Your family for example. People crave for attention. People feel loved when given attention. . . . Give love. And listening is an act of love.”

by Leoni Erica Tayamen

12.  “Be gentle and practice sympathetic joy.”

by Susan Cross

13.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world!”

April Spears paraphrasing Gandhi.

14.  “Be more involved in the world you can’t be spectator forever.”

by Christina Breeden

15.  “Smile.”

by Seret Rafferty

16.  “Simply show up just put your soul into it. If you show up physically with the soles of your feet, the heart, mind, and soul will have a chance to follow or catch up. You may not want to be there in the beginning, but showing up allows a committed chance at making a difference every day for the people you love, the people you will meet, and the eventual person you will become. Show up.”

by Holli Grant

17.  “Talk to someone that you think might be in distress you may make the difference of a lifetime.”

by Alexander De Raadt St. James

18.  “Acknowledge the light within myself and in others not always easy to do but feels so powerful when I am able to do so.”

by Maria Thieme

19.  “Be kind to others in this busy world people become self-consumed and forget that kindness goes a long way.”

by Ana Stuckart

20.  “Operate from a place of love.”

by Erika Gonzalez

21.  “Consider the people you see each day: sometimes I get wrapped up in things I am working on—fundraisers etc. But the co-worker, family member, pet right next to you are the people you can truly reach and touch.”

by Amy E. Moore

22.  “Make it a habit to respect everyone.”

by Margarita Medina

23.  “Remember there are three poisons: greed, anger, and ignorance do not deny their existence but turn them around and you have generosity, compassion, and wisdom.”

by Clifton Bradley

24.  “Make a difference in yourself, for the better such an inward difference always has to ripple outward benefits.”

by Hansoul Kim

25.  “Wake up.”

by Karen Maezen Miller