15 Signs She’s a Keeper and You Should Stop Fucking with Her

Is the woman you are dating worth the risk of falling in love? Is she a keeper?

“What makes a guy view a girl as serious or marriage material is her character, Gregory Gilderman.” As a matter of fact, he emphasizes the importance of loving her for who she is as a person, rather than how she looks.

Here are 15 signs that your girlfriend is a keeper and you should stop messing with her!

1. She replies to your texts right away even though you ignore hers for hours (or days)

She chooses to be the bigger person and the more productive in your relationship.

2. She could easily do better, but she still chooses you

This is the strongest sign that she loves you and that she is worth loving!

3. She loves you even though you don’t love her

Loving you even though you are not loving her back is the biggest personal sacrifice to make for a relationship!

4. She’s always there for you mentally, emotionally, and physically, even when you’re not always there for her

What else could you look for?

5. She devotes time and effort to make you happy even when you don’t reciprocate

Think about this and consider reciprocating!

6. She’s committed to the relationship even if you’re not

Is she chooses to stay committed and devoted to the relationship despite your lack of interest whatsoever, it is a clear sign that she is worth loving and committing to.

7. She surprises you on a regular basis

What else could you ask for? Your relationship is guaranteed to be unpredictable and enjoyable!

8. She always tries to make you happier even when you continue to try to make her sad

A sure sign you don’t deserve her…

9. She believes in you despite your many previous failures

This is very important and worth respecting as humans often find it hard to believe in themselves (and others) after previous failures.

10. She won’t allow herself to be pushed away easily

This means that nothing you do or say will push her away easily! However, pushing her away eventually means that you will hardly get another chance to get her.

11. She hangs on your every word even though you don’t always pay attention to her

If you get in such situations often, you are not worth loving and you don’t deserve her!

12. She doesn’t play any games

You should be particularly grateful for this one, as not every woman is willing to live honestly, openly, and directly!

13. She always gives more than she gets when it comes to compromising

You should feel bad and ashamed for letting her sacrifice her personal happiness for the sake of your relationship and mutual happiness.

14. She still wants to spend time with you after you regularly cancel plans to hang out

She is simply choosing to be the bigger person and the more productive partner. Consider apologizing for such things though.

15. She’s always kind even when you’re 100% negative (even toward her)

If she keeps speaking to you politely even when you ignore or brush her off, you should be more than grateful!