10 Things Strong Women Give Zero F**ks About

Strong women are aware of the fact that people tend to take life too seriously, which is partially the reason why they don’t enjoy life as supposed to, or at least not the way strong women do.  Keep reading to learn how to enjoy life passionately as strong women do and what to do to achieve that!

1. Don’t dwell on what other think about you

Strong women know that they cannot be loved by everyone, so they don’t bother with it at all. They are their own judge, no matter if it is of their actions, words, or emotions.

2. Don’t worry about being 100% right all the time

Making mistakes is the best way to learn and progress! So, why worry about a mistake you have done?  No one knows virtually everything, so it`s not a shame if you are not  100% correct 100% of the time.

3. Don’t worry about living up to body stereotypes

Staying active and being fit is very important, but this doesn’t mean that you need to live up to body stereotypes.  Don’t replicate models in order to impress the society.

4. Don’t worry about keeping up with fashion trends

Wear strips if you want to or wear solid colors if it feels good! Don’t be afraid to weak bikini, even if your body doesn’t fit the society`s definition of ‘bikini worthy.’ If you like it, wear it! Period.

5. Don’t be afraid to be single or alone

If you are unhappy with yourself when you are single, being in a relationship will only make matters worse.  It takes strength to remain single, but it is possible! Once you learn to overcome your fear of being alone, you will feel happier and leave an unhealthy relationship right away.

6. Be yourself in the sack

In most cases, this involves being in charge and being the leader! However, in the cases when it doesn’t involve taking the lead, do what you want to maximize the experience.

7. Don’t worry about fitting in the crowd

Instead of trying to fit in the crowd, dare to be different.  Be genuine, be productive, and be positive, so that you can fit in the place where these traits are appreciated.

8. Don’t worry about social media popularity

Social media dominates our lives and compromises the value of true social interaction.  Social media has become an abused platform which causes an amount of antisocial behavior, instead of making people more social. So, there is no need to worry about social media popularity, as it simply doesn’t reflect you as the person you are.

9. Don’t worry about wearing heels

If it is your thing and feels comfortable, wear it! If not, don’t feel obliged to live up to any stereotype or ideal.

10. Don’t pay attention to gossip

Gossip parties and small talks are something that strong women cannot stand.  They prefer deeper and more meaningful conversations, which are far more productive than gossip.  After all, there is no need to engage in or pay attention to gossip, as most of it is simply untrue and accepted by idiots.