10 Signs That You’re Dealing with a Toxic Person!

While we are kids we don’t know anything about the outside world and our parents are the once that are supposed to introduce it to us. They teach us what is good and what is bad to do, at the same time they give us advice about how we should act in a different situation and with different people. But the problem is that they don’t tell us that the world is cruel and that there are many evil people in it.

Once we grow up we realize that we cannot always be good and keep to our manners. There are some situations in which we are obligated to act oppositely to what we were thought of our parents. Some people around us are simply full of envy, hate, and evil. They spread negative vibes all around them and we have no other choice, but to accept them. You probably deal with this people by overlooking and not paying attention to them. However, sometimes this doesn’t work and we feel the negative impact on us. The best thing you could do is to run away from them at the very first moment you realize how toxic they are.

Below we are going to present to you 10 signs that can help you recognize a toxic person in your surroundings.

Ten Signs You are Surrounded by a Toxic Person:

These people are selfish and they will do what is best for them regardless of how others might feel. They don’t care about other people`s feelings and needs. So, if you recognize someone like this make sure that you keep a safe distance.

They are great in hiding information

They are great manipulators and they will lie to you if they have some benefit from that. They are ready to do anything to get what they want. Also, they often hide their feelings and thoughts in order to conceal their real personality.

They live a double life

These people will pretend to be good in front of you, but once you get out of the door they will gossip you and stab you in the back. For them, life is a stage where everyone plays his part, and they are very good in their role.

They’re great manipulators

They always have prepared a plan in advance about how they should act to get to their goal. That is why they are focused and confident in the things they do. If it happens for you to be in their way, they will treat you like a toy and trick you in a minute.

They don’t care about other people`s time

They will never respect your time and schedule. As we already mentioned above they don’t care about you and consequently, they won`t care about your time. They will leave you waiting for them for hours or will take your precious time occupying you with things that are not related to you. According to them, they are all that matters in this world and you need to spend your time on them.

They don’t know anything about guilt

Good people feel guilty even when they tell a little lie or hide some information. They are not even thinking about doing something that might hurt others because their conscience will kill them. But, this is not the case with toxic people, they can hurt someone, do terrible things and still sleep peacefully at night. They don’t love others and thus they don’t feel guilty when they hurt them.

They think they’re better and superior to others

They feel that they are superior to others and that’s why they believe that others should serve them. They love being in the center of attention and they play different games to draw attention.

They are incredible liars

These people lie all the time, they have developed their own web of lies in which they live. Their lies are like a magic circle without exit. They are telling things as they would like them to be or introduce themselves to others as the person they are imaging to be.

They think they’re “owed”

Toxic people believe that they are created for some high position where they will work nothing and get much money. According to them, their work should be done by the other low-class people who are born to serve them.

They believe in their web of lies

The worst thing about these people is that they really believe in their lies, it is like they are living in another parallel world where things are really as they see them. If you try to ground them and tell them the truth in the face they will probably get mad and they won`t accept the truth.